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Did you know that birth center care for a normal vaginal delivery costs approximately 30% less than hospital-based maternity care? Bay Area Birth Center is a comprehensive, affordable option that gives you and your baby the added benefits of more personal attention and time spent with you during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Mary Cunningham, our office manager is happy to help you with insurance payments for Bay Area Birth Center.For patients with insurance

We work with specialists in billing and coding for out of hospital birthing. We submit the claims, and they help us get your insurance company to pay the maximum amount possible. Most insurance companies typically pay about $1500 more for using our licensed birth center instead of having a home birth.

If you’re insured, we’re happy to help you find out what your maternity care benefits are, the amount of your insurance deductible, and the percentage of our services they will cover.

For patients without insurance

If you’re not insured, we can offer a 10% discount for cash pre-paid service and develop a payment plan that works for you. We also offer discounts for repeat clients.

The best birth is what matters most

Bottom line? We don’t believe insurance companies should dictate how and where women give birth, and we’re committed to helping you get the maternity care you desire. Over the years, we’ve become very good at getting payment for birth center services, working with insurance companies, and helping families focus on the joys of pregnancy and birth—not just the finances.

Please call us today talk more about your specific needs.

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