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Pasadena Birth Center

Stephanie Palacio, CNM – Works at the Pasadena Birth Center.

stephanie-palacioMy journey to become a midwife has been long, but fulfilling.  In 1992 I decided I wanted to become a midwife.  The profession of midwifery called to something deep within me.  I saw myself working to help empower women.  I also recognized that skillful midwives work to strengthen family bonds and sisterhood ties.  It is one of the oldest professions and can be found in the book of Genesis of the Bible. So after seven and a half years of school and 18 years of working as a Registered Nurse (in ICU and L & D), I received my certification as a Certified Nurse Midwife in 2014.  I am confident that the skills I’ve obtained on my journey to midwifery will make me a better practitioner.  

Now I’ve started a new chapter in my life.  Striving to grow in the profession and becoming the best midwife I can be.  Joining the Bay Area Birth Center family was a natural transition for me.  They have welcomed me into their practice and their philosophy is in line with my own.  


Associate Degree in Nursing 1996

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing 2007

Master’s Degree in Nursing 2013


Registered Nurse 1996, California

Registered Nurse 2002, Texas


Inpatient Obstetric Nursing 2008

Certified Nurse Midwife 2014

Camellia May, CPM – Works at the Pasadena Birth Center.

Camellia May has been a midwife since 1993 and has been working with Jackie Griggs since 1992. She gave Camellia-May-CPMbirth to four of her five children at home with the assistance of midwives. She has supported many families and attended many women giving birth at home and at the birth center.

When she was pregnant with her first child, she discovered the book called Immaculate Deception, by Suzanne Arms, in the local library. This sparked her interest in natural birth. There were no midwives in her area at that time, so her first birth was in a hospital with a physician.

Later, while living in Arkansas, she joined friends in helping moms who wanted home births. It was a social experience with everyone lending a hand with the older children, cleaning the tub, and fixing the herb bath. Over time, Camellia took on a more and more active role in assisting at these births.

In 1989, her family moved to Texas where the laws were much better for midwifery as a profession at the time. When Camellia took the Texas Documented Midwife exam, she wanted more training before beginning practice, so she apprenticed with another Documented Midwife, for a year and a half.

After working on her own with a few clients, she still wanted more education, so she joined other midwives as a helper. One of those midwives was Jackie Griggs. Over the years of working together, Camellia took on more and more responsibility and her talents and skills emerged as quite an asset to our birth center. Today all the Bay Area Birth Center midwives continue to work cooperatively as a team.

Camellia still enjoys learning and has read many published studies about natural birth, and infant attachment and development. Watch our Facebook page for updates from Camellia about the latest research.

Camellia May, CPM with Bay Area Birth Center baby

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Home Economics from the University of Arkansas (1988)
  • Documented by the Texas Department of Health as a midwife, since 1993
  • Current Ongoing Certifications: CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, and Fetal Monitoring


monalisa-819x1024Mona Lisa Ott, CNM is coming to us after many years of experience at a major hospital getting lots of good experience. Although most of her experience is in the hospital, she’s making the transition to working in a Birth Center and home birth very well!

We are honored to have Mona Lisa’s help on a part-time basis.


Scheduling an appointment? Questions about childbirth education classes? Need an insurance benefits specialist to wrangle the details of your billing?

Mary has been a familiar face at Bay Area Birth Center since 2009, and she’s the friendly voice you’ll likely hear when calling to schedule an appointment or ask a question. Married for 28 years, she’s the proud mother of two “almost” grown-up daughters.

Mary graduated from the University of Houston – Clear Lake with a degree in Elementary Education, and then taught second grade for eight years. Before her children were born, she was in sales and customer service for 11 years at Hobby Airport.

We can’t imagine Bay Area Birth Center without her — patients and staff alike appreciate the way she keeps everything in order, especially when it comes to getting the most payment possible from insurance companies.

Houston Heights and Beaumont Offices


Jackie Griggs, CNM

Jackie Griggs, CNM – Works at the Heights and Beaumont Offices.*

Jackie is a Certified Nurse-Midwife with a Masters degree in nursing who has delivered over 800 babies, yet can still recall each as an “honored, unique event.” She has worked in women’s health since receiving her first nursing degree in 1979 from San Jacinto College.

Jackie’s experience includes working in several different settings: homes, birth centers, clinics, and hospital care. She attended the University of Texas in Galveston (UTMB) to receive her Masters degree as an Advanced Practice Nurse in 2001 and continued to help women at home and birth centers since that time.

She is the mother of five sons, three born at home with the assistance of midwives.

Jackie’s role at Bay Area Birth Center

Jackie Griggs, CNM with baby born at Bay Area Birth CenterJackie founded Bay Area Birth Center as a freestanding, licensed birth center in 2006, and is the unwavering force behind its commitment to personalized care for every mother. The personal touch she brings to the center is enhanced by her past experience as President of the Association of Texas Midwives, the statewide organization that promotes midwifery in Texas. She is the current President of the Texas Coalition of Birth Centers, a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a strong proponent of breastfeeding.

Education & Certifications

  • Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), NARM Exam (2007)
  • Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM), American College of Nurse-Midwives (2001)
  • Masters in Nursing, specializing in midwifery from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (2001)
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Galveston (1998)
  • Board Certified Lactation Consultant (1995, IBCLC)
  • Associates Degree in Nursing (RN), San Jacinto College, Houston, TX (1993)
  • Documented by the Texas Department of Health as a midwife, since 1990
  • Apprentice Midwife with Mickey Friederichs, Pasadena, TX (1989-1992)
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), San Jacinto College, Houston, TX (1979)
  • Current Ongoing Certifications: CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, and Fetal Monitoring

Awards & Career Highlights

  • Recipient of the Hazel Corbin Award (2001) from the Maternity Center Association of the United States (Award for best student midwifery research 2001)
  • Accredited La Leche League Leader since 1985
  • Supported women with over 1,000 births in hospitals, birth centers, and homes

Memberships & Volunteering

  • La Leche League International, Leader in Pasadena, TX since 1987
  • Member, Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), member since 1995
  • American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), member since 1999
  • American Association of Birth Centers, member since 2005
  • Texas Coalition of Birth Centers, President, since 2009
  • Association of Texas Midwives (ATM)
    • Past President 2005-2008
    • Member since 1986
  • Association of Houston Midwives
    • Founding Member
    • Treasurer 1993-2003

Read a personal statement from Jackie.


*The Heights and Beaumont Offices are not birth centers, but offices only.

Diana Nash, CPM – Works at the Height and Beaumont Offices.* 

Even as a small child, I was interested in hearing the birth stories of friends and relatives and I was always wagging somebody’s baby around on my hip. I decided I wanted to be a nurse so I could work with mamas and babies, but during nursing school I became disillusioned with the whole maternity care system. During one of my classes, I met a midwife who gave me the book, Spiritual Midwifery. I felt like I finally had a direction!

After having 2 babies while in nursing school, I decided to take a “break”. However, the break turned into forever. My 3rd son was born at home and was truly a life-changing experience! I finally knew how birth COULD be! Although the seed had been planted, it would be many more years before my dream of being a midwife came to fruition.

In 2005, with the blessing and encouragement of my awesome husband, I took the plunge and enrolled in the Association of Texas Midwives. I did a large part of my apprenticeship with Jackie and Camellia at Bay Area Birth Center. I graduated in 2007 and practiced in Texas for 5 years. In 2012, my husband and I moved to Arkansas, but midwifery is very different in Arkansas.

In April of 2016, I was given the opportunity to come back to Bay Area Birth Center part time. It’s been a privilege to get to know the sweet mamas, cuddle the precious babies and work with the incredible women here at the birth center! I look forward to coming each month and appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given.

*The Heights and Beaumont Offices are not birth centers, but offices only.

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