Home Visits

Your little one is now at home! While you’re reveling in the miracle of your newborn, don’t worry about leaving the house for a check-up: we come to you.

Comprehensive, caring follow-up in your home

home visit by Bay Area Birth Center midwife, Jackie Griggs, CNMWhether you baby was born at the Birth Center, or at home, your midwife from Bay Area Birth Center will make a home visit on day two (after birth) to check on both mom and baby. At each visit, she:

  • Performs a newborn screen
  • Checks your baby’s weight
  • Checks your baby for jaundice
  • Assesses how breastfeeding is going for both of you
  • Assesses your recuperation from birth

We enjoy seeing our moms at home in those first few days after birth, and we also speak to you by phone every day of the first week after your baby is born.

In fact, some moms enjoy midwife care so much, they visit Bay Area Birth Center for complete Well Woman Care.