Home Birth

Every birth is unique and miraculous, and about one third of the patients at Bay Area Birth Center choose to celebrate it in the comfort and security of their own home. We offer this option to families who live within 100 miles of our birth center.

Nurse-Midwives experienced in home birth

heartbeatThe nurse-midwives of Bay Area Birth Center have helped women birth at home for over 20 years, in addition to having their own home births. Their insights and hands-on experience help mothers and families prepare for the emotional, physical and practical aspects of this unforgettable event.

Before your home birth

Along with providing personalized and comprehensive prenatal care, your midwife helps you plan and prepare for the home birth. This includes creating a birth plan, ordering a birth kit, gathering the necessary supplies and more (See the links under ‘Recommended Resources for Moms’ on the right side of this page). In addition, at least one home visit is conducted around 36 weeks to confirm your location, travel routes, and to review your actual birth plan.

During your home birth 

ks1There are many ways to customize your home birth, and your midwife will help you focus on what matters to you. The only difference between delivering at Bay Area Birth Center and a home birth… is the location. Your midwife is there to provide care, comfort and encouragement as needed; as the laboring mother you decide who will be there and what you want the environment to be.



After your home birth



Within one to two days of your home birth, your midwife makes a home visit to provide

comprehensive follow-up care for you and your newborn.

Looking for more information and advice?

We’re happy to help you explore the options and discover the possibilities of a home birth. Simply contact us to arrange a free consultation, meet a nurse-midwife and share what you envision for your birth and your baby.