Breastfeeding Assistance

After a natural birth, breastfeeding is the next wonderful gift you can give your baby. It’s a rich, empowering experience in itself—that’s why we give our moms the compassionate support and practical information they need to be successful.

The best beginning
for you and baby

Within the very first hour of birth, moms who deliver at Bay Area Birth Center get personalized assistance and encouragement to breastfeed their babies. We’re strong advocates of breastfeeding, and make sure that you and baby get the best possible start before you even leave the birth center. Our midwives have worked with first-time moms as well as moms-of-many to foster this intimate, natural part of motherhood.

Breastfeeding support at home

Just because you’re back at home doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Your midwife follows up in a home visit to check on breastfeeding, and also stays in touch on the phone. We can provide a variety of pamphlets and books about breastfeeding, and your midwife is just a phone call away to provide suggested treatments for sore nipples or engorgement.

Learn more about breastfeeding

You are welcome to join us once a month as we host La Leche League meetings at Bay Area Birth Center. Please visit the Childbirth Classes page for information and details.