Breast Pump Rental

Medena Breast Pump available at Bay Area Birth Center

Medena Breast Pump available at Bay Area Birth Center
When you’re giving your baby the very best nutrition through breastfeeding, you also want the best options for preserving and maximizing your breast milk supply. Bay Area Birth Center is a resource for mothers who need advice and assistance with the following:

Breast Pump Rental

Bay Area Birth Center rents Medela Symphony and Lactina pumps. These are powerful, hospital grade pumps designed for women who need to keep their milk supply up or increase it. We also sell the pump kits that are individual to each user.
Monthly cost of pump rental $60.00
Pump Kit $45.95

Breast Pumps: New

The following Medela Pump in Style pumps can be purchased new at Bay Area Birth Center. Click the product name to see more details.
Freestyle® Hands-free · Daily use · double pump · electric $ 389.00
Advanced On-the-go Tote Daily use · double pump · electric $ 289.00
Advanced Backpack Convenient backpack case · daily use · double pump · electric $ 289.00
Advanced The Metro Bag™ Daily use · double pump · electric $ 289.00

We also sell the Medela Single Deluxe for $59.95

Breastfeeding Aids and Supplies

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, published by la Leche League International.  18.95
Medela breast shields $ 7.95
Medela breast shells  $ 8.95
Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin $ 8.95
Soothies® by Lansinoh® Gel Pads $8.95

Breastfeeding Consultations

We’re happy to help in the case of breastfeeding problems. Our one hour consultation includes taking a history of your birth and breastfeeding history, weighing your infant before and after breastfeeding, observing your infant breastfeeding and checking for latch problems. We’ll give you a written plan of suggestions to improve your breastfeeding experience, as well as any written material that pertains to your situation.

This consultation is $75.00, and can only be provided at our office. Sorry, we don’t make home visits for breastfeeding consultations.

Learn More

To learn more about breast pump rental and purchase, breast feeding supplies, or to schedule a breastfeeding consultation, please call the birth center at 713-472-5525.