Birth Care

At Bay Area Birth Center, “birth care” describes everything we do to support a woman during labor and child birth: whether she chooses to deliver here at the birth center or at home.
baby and parents at home after being born at Bay Area Birth Center midwife

A supportive atmosphere, centered on your birth.

Every mother receives individualized care during labor – and yet some things stay the same for all women and babies:

  • We develop a birth plan with you in the latter weeks of your pregnancy to make sure we are all in agreement with your vision of an ideal birth.
  • We are dedicated to high quality, respectful, safe care during your labor and birth.
  • We monitor your infant’s heart tones regularly, as well as your vital signs.
  • We do all we can to make you as comfortable as possible.
  • We strive to keep the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging.
  • We ask you to make sure everyone invited to help with your birth is supportive and in agreement with the way you have chosen to give birth.

proud birth center fatherAs your labor approaches, we’ll give you a list of things to consider bringing along for the big day. You can also be assured that we’ll have the following items on hand to contribute to a comfortable, relaxed and supported atmosphere:

  • Big, roomy tub
  • Birth ball / Birth stool
  • Candles
  • Rocking chair
  • Massages oils and aids
  • CD player and relaxing CDs
  • Cool drinks, Popsicles and light snacks
  • Waiting rooms and extra beds for family and friends
  • Towels, linens, sanitary pads and diapers

And most of all, the midwives and staff at Bay Area Birth Center give you time and attention throughout the entire course of your labor.

Considering a home birth?

Nearly half of our families choose a home birth to welcome their new addition. Read more about this option which is available to women who live within 100 miles of our facility.

Our Gentle Care Birth Package

Whether you choose a home birth, or to deliver at Bay Area Birth Center, our Gentle Care Birth Package includes the following services:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Prenatal care (visits 30 minutes to one hour)
  • Large lending library of information, books, and videos
  • Six weeks of nurse-midwifery on-call for labor and birth
  • Loving and personal birth care
  • Assistant for labor
  • Physician collaboration if needed
  • Herbal bath following birth
  • Oxygen tank rental (used only if necessary)
  • Perineal suturing, if necessary
  • Complete newborn exam at birth.
  • Newborn screen test (PKU)
  • “Born At Home” t-shirt for home births
  • Birth certificate filed and application for social security number for the newborn
  • Postpartum visits at home at 24-48 hours and one week
  • Office visit at three weeks and six weeks
  • Access to herbal and homeopathic remedies
  • Prescription medications if needed (such as antibiotics)
  • Assistance filing insurance claims