Camellia May, CPM

Camellia May, CPM

Camellia May, CPM

Camellia May, CPM – Works at the Pasadena Birth Center.

Camellia May has been a midwife since 1993 and has been working with Jackie Griggs since 1992. She gave birth to four of her five children at home with the assistance of midwives. She has supported many families and attended many women giving birth at home and at the birth center.

When she was pregnant with her first child, she discovered the book called Immaculate Deception, by Suzanne Arms, in the local library. This sparked her interest in natural birth. There were no midwives in her area at that time, so her first birth was in a hospital with a physician.

Later, while living in Arkansas, she joined friends in helping moms who wanted home births. It was a social experience with everyone lending a hand with the older children, cleaning the tub, and fixing the herb bath. Over time, Camellia took on a more and more active role in assisting at these births.

In 1989, her family moved to Texas where the laws were much better for midwifery as a profession at the time. When Camellia took the Texas Documented Midwife exam, she wanted more training before beginning practice, so she apprenticed with another Documented Midwife, for a year and a half.

After working on her own with a few clients, she still wanted more education, so she joined other midwives as a helper. One of those midwives was Jackie Griggs. Over the years of working together, Camellia took on more and more responsibility and her talents and skills emerged as quite an asset to our birth center. Today all the Bay Area Birth Center midwives continue to work cooperatively as a team.

Camellia still enjoys learning and has read many published studies about natural birth, and infant attachment and development. Watch our Facebook page for updates from Camellia about the latest research.

Camellia May, CPM with Bay Area Birth Center baby

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Home Economics from the University of Arkansas (1988)
  • Documented by the Texas Department of Health as a midwife, since 1993
  • Current Ongoing Certifications: CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, and Fetal Monitoring